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Recognising how divorce solicitors in Weybridge can help

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Guidance through dark days

If you, a family member or someone close to you is currently going through divorce or separation, it is imperative that they call upon expert divorce solicitors in Weybridge in order to achieve the best and most amicable result as quickly and easily as possible.

Despite what many people believe, divorce solicitors are still a massively valuable asset to have on your side even if both parties are on good terms.

The following article will delve into what a divorce solicitor does and how their expertise and guidance can help get you through what is likely to be one of the hardest and most challenging times in your life.

What role does a divorce solicitor play?

Child Custody

When a married couple files for a divorce or separation, there are certain legal processes that must be carried out in order to permanently dissolve their union in the eyes of the law, and the handling of these processes falls on a divorce solicitor.

A massive part of what an expert divorce solicitor does is simply listening to their client’s needs and doing their utmost to familiarise themselves with the specifics of each case since no two cases are ever the same.

One of the most important aspects of a divorce or separation that a solicitor handles is the resolving of a couple’s shared finances and assets. As you could imagine, this is a complex process and one that, despite being of great importance, is often the furthest thing from a couple’s mind when they are going through divorce or separation.

As such, an expert divorce solicitor must find the right balance between professionalism and tact in order to make sure that their client’s financial interests are protected and that they are not in a financially worse-off situation after separating.

In cases where the division of a couple’s assets involves property, investments or any future earnings, a divorce solicitor will work hard to ensure that their client secures a good deal that both parties can amicably agree to.

What happens when children are involved?

One of the most challenging aspects of divorce proceedings often comes when dealing with child custody and where the children will live.

An expert divorce solicitor will always put the needs of any children who are involved at the forefront of the decisions they make. Furthermore, the solicitor will attempt to allow both parties to come to an agreement themselves – either through mediation or on their own terms.

What is a petitioner?

The petitioner is the one who files for divorce, and for divorce proceedings to begin, one party must first decide to make the petition.

There are certain conditions that a person’s relationship must meet for them to file for divorce. These include adultery (committed by either party) unreasonable behaviour, desertion (for a period of longer than two years), living separately for longer than two years with an agreement to divorce and living separately for more than five years without an agreement to divorce.


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