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Parenting During Times of Crisis

family bonding

During times of uncertainty like this pandemic we’re faced with today, parents play a crucial role in keeping the family — society’s most basic unit — intact.

Whether you’re together as a couple, living separately with shared custody of children, or are struggling and in talks with Boise or Nassau County divorce lawyers, parents still have an obligation to protect and ensure their’ children’s health and wellbeing during these times.

7 Parents Can Do to Help Keep Survive the Crisis and Each Other

Get everyone on the same page.

Gather every member of the family and sit down with them. Talk about what each other know about the crisis or what this will entail? What are the challenges that you can anticipate? What change need to be made? Ask everyone’s opinions on the matter, address each concern, and set expectations throughout the crisis.

Be honest and transparent.

As parents, you must listen to what your children have to say. Hear out their fears and anxieties, their worries and concerns, and speak truthfully about it in a manner that they will understand. Validate your children’s feelings on the matter and enlighten them with things within their control that will help alleviate the situation.

Establish a routine.

Do not let the emergency or crisis get in the way of your lives. Establish a sense of normalcy in your home by setting up a routine for every member to follow. It can be similar to the usual things you do prior to the crisis, however, you can be flexible and not rigid.

Having a routine in place will give your children a sense of stability that they need to see beyond the problem and allows them to still be productive despite the present conditions.

Take care of your health.

family taking care of fatherA crisis can be stressful and taxing to the point that it can sometimes trigger health issues. Be sure to care for each member’s health by getting as much exercise as you can, getting enough rest, and eating healthily despite the situation.

Mental health issues also need to be identified and addressed immediately. Be nurturing and encouraging. Allow your children to speak up and not keep their emotions bottled up. Do not look down on them, their thoughts, and their emotions just because they are young. A lot of our worries and anxieties — our excess baggage — stem from childhood trauma. It is easier to raise a child properly now than fix a broken adult in the future.

Set daily goals.

During a critical crisis, it is tempting to not do anything at all and wallow in self-pity or be reduced to depression. Do not give in.

Fight it by setting daily goals each member should achieve. Being productive despite trying times gives one a sense of accomplishment and self-worth, that they can still do something good and get things done. You should also set goals as a family that will allow you to do things together and be with each other.

Give each member some alone time.

While coming together and being there for each other is crucial in times of distress, allow each member some time alone to process things and reflect on what’s happening. You may talk about these reflections with your kids or as a family later on so you can address whatever needs to be addressed.

Reach out to relatives and friends.

Sometimes, a crisis will isolate you from the rest of the world. Don’t let it come to that. Being in a crisis just gives you another excuse to reach out to your loved ones. An important aspect of a healthy mental state is the feeling of connectedness that the community brings. Whether you are seeking company or just reaching out to others to see how they’re doing, connections are important in a time of crisis.

The days ahead may still seem dark but if parents work together and keep their homes safe and their children’s spirits uplifted, we all can look forward to better days. This, too, shall pass.


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