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No more missing teeth – Implants Sheffield

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Each year hundreds of people lose their natural teeth for a wide variety of reasons, some avoidable others not. Dentists main focus is to promote preventative dentistry rather than restorative dentistry however sometimes it’s too late and teeth are lost. The good news is that there are now new techniques that provide a more secure and permanent alternative to dentures and bridges. Over the decades dental science and technology have been developing various procedures which make implants Sheffield a viable and healthy option for patients.

Performing just like natural teeth

One of the problems in the past with false teeth has been ensuring stability so that chewing could be as natural as possible without the plates moving. Permanent dental substitutes have achieved this by using a titanium post which is firmly rooted into the patient’s jaw bone. This works in the same way as the patient’s natural teeth which use a root system to ensure teeth stay fixed in the gum.

Technology and science overcome jaw bone density problems

Over the decades the problem of a patient with a jawbone that is not dense enough to support the titanium post has largely been overcome. Dentists are able to perform bone grafts to the jawbone or they are able to control the location of the intended graft so that bone volume will increase exactly where required. All in all there are now very few reasons, if any, why a patient should not be able to enjoy a full set of teeth.

Procedure and result

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It is always the ambition of a dentist to provide a patient with the most natural looking teeth that it is possible to achieve. In all cases it is a prerequisite that a full and thorough dental examination must be conducted. During this examination X-rays and pictures of the patient’s gums and jaw bone will be taken. Impressions of teeth and gums will be made to be able to create the replacement crowns. A CT scan of the patient’s mouth is also taken to provide the information required to assess whether or not bone grafting is required. The CT scan also identifies the location of nerves and sinuses so that these can be avoided during the surgical procedure. If bone grafting is required there will be a period of growth and healing that will be required before the actual implantation can be performed. Once it is in order to proceed with the procedure, the dentist will administer a local anaesthetic. A small incision is then made in the gum where the lost tooth was and a titanium post is inserted which will act as the root for the new tooth. There will be a healing period of around three to six months after this procedure before returning for the next part of the procedure. This part entails making another small incision where an abutment will be placed onto the titanium post. This is necessary to support the new tooth or crown and ensures that the new crown fits snugly and securely.

The procedure can be done in one procedure

This procedure can be done in one appointment but that is dependent on the patient’s condition. The procedure can be used to replace one tooth or up to four teeth with one implant. A full set of teeth can be replaced using just four posts.

After treatment

Once the new teeth have been in place for a few weeks the patient can enjoy their new tooth or teeth as if they were their natural teeth. Adhering to normal dental hygiene is as important as with natural teeth.


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