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What factors play a role in choosing the right legal practitioner


There are not many who, without the required knowledge and experience, are capable of dealing expertly when confronted with legal transactions. It is more the norm to be overcome with feelings of being out of one’s depth, considering the law is defined by its baffling regulations and frustrating jargon that is tortuous to understand. Why suffer confusion and irritation in dealing with legal matters by oneself when the services of dedicated solicitors Portsmouth are available to take on the burden of understanding a process fraught with minefields.

In the latest available UK Legal Services Consumer Research Report, findings have highlighted some interesting attitudes and behaviours of consumers when seeking legal services. Almost 50 percent of consumers polled have sought legal expertise for advice on conveyancing or the writing of wills. When asked how they went about choosing a suitable legal practitioner, the majority of respondents cited word of mouth as being a major factor for them.

How to find the right legal help

legal assistance

In the same way, as one would refer to reviews when booking holiday accommodation or buying a motor vehicle, it is just as important to hear what others have to say about the legal practitioner or law firm one is intending on working with to resolve one’s situation. Reviews can be particularly informative on the approach of a law firm in dealing with their clients’ problems and, perhaps more of interest, the manner in which they treat their clients.

It is in the best interests of the consumer that they choose a law firm with the desirable accreditation to governing bodies in the field of law. Membership in such organisations is a reliable indication that the law practitioner is bound by ethical standards of practice, including trustworthiness, and that they are current on the latest amendments to laws and regulations.

Reach out to all prospective law firms to gauge what each would offer to resolve your situation. Even a chat on the phone can be immeasurably helpful in gaining a clearer idea of the exact nature of the law firm’s service menu, what sets them apart from the competition and an estimate of the costs involved.

Consumers are not always bound to use a local law firm to help them in their legal matters. While some clients may prefer to drop in to see their legal practitioner in person, others may find remote legal services offer desirable advantages such as a wider choice of legal help and more affordable services.

It is always recommended that consumers refer to the comprehensive directory of the Law Society (for England and Wales) before making their final choice in a solicitor. The directory lists all registered law firms and legal practitioners as well as the services they offer. Not all legal practitioners have the same level of knowledge in each of the various fields of law.

To ensure that one receives the best possible advice and guidance on a particular situation, it is imperative that one looks to a legal practitioner specialising in that particular field (probate, conveyancing, family law, personal injury, civil litigation, etc).


Samuel Long

Samuel Long is an esteemed personal injury attorney renowned for his expertise and unwavering commitment to clients. With a track record of success, Samuel possesses a deep understanding of accidents, liability, and the intricate claims process. As the visionary behind SLGB Law Blog, he imparts exclusive insights, empowering readers with practical tips. Combining his legal acumen with a personable approach, Samuel demystifies complex legal concepts and ensures his audience is well-informed and prepared. His unique blend of professionalism and empathy sets him apart, making Samuel an invaluable resource for individuals seeking trusted guidance in the realm of personal injury law.
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