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Beyond Paperwork: The Lawyer Essentials


Becoming a lawyer is one of the fabulous jobs a person can have. The suits, ties, briefcases—not to mention the dramatic court scenes—are enough to draw anyone in. For Asian parents, a lawyer is one of the possible dreams they have for their kids. However, behind the glitz and glam, there are grueling realities one must undergo in this job. One of these obstacles is law school.

When people aspire to become a lawyer, their reasons vary. Some want to battle the injustices in society. Others simply want to work in an intellectual property law firm. Others want the bounty paycheck to help their families. Regardless of the reason, one thing needs to be certain: an aspiring lawyer should love this profession enough to endure the sleepless nights, the endless paperwork, and the stack of books.

These practices are a given, but there are simple things that are often forgotten or pushed back. A good lawyer needs empathy and a sense of urgency for social issues.

Lawyers need empathy

Unfortunately, lawyers do not have the best reputation. According to a report about consumer perception on the legal profession, lawyers would bend over backward to win their cases. They manipulate people and succumb to unethical means. People also think that lawyers are “driven by profit and self-interest, rather than client interest.”

One way to look at the causes of these is the lack of empathy. Perhaps, this profession lacks empathy because of the emphasis on logical and rational thinking. However, empathy is essential in order to listen to a client. The job of a lawyer relies heavily on building trust and creating solutions. Through effective communication with empathy, lawyers and clients can collaborate and build rapport to solve the case.

Awareness and urgency for social issues

gavel and book

Law and politics are two inseparable things. Therefore, for someone practicing law, one must be aware of the social issues happening globally.

At a time of a pandemic, the world is not only grappling for a vaccine but also dealing with political issues. These deeply rooted issues of injustice and violence have been emphasized as the cracks in our systems shone. Lawyers must ensure that people’s basic human rights are intact because these are the very things the law protects.

In times when the public is fighting for causes that seem hopeless, a lawyer who stands by them and their rights may just be the light that they need. After all, if there is anyone who can defend them and stand up against power, it would be lawyers.

The future of the youth

The presence of technology has coined the word “woke,” which means that one is socially aware. Because information is at everyone’s fingertips, it is easy to access the news and other information about social justice. Additionally, social media has become another avenue to express dissent and opinions. Younger generations are voicing out because they care about two things: debt and the climate. They could not care less about having a huge house or a shiny car. Besides, who would need those if the world is rendered uninhabitable? Because of this, the youth is a ray of hope for change.


Samuel Long

Samuel Long is an esteemed personal injury attorney renowned for his expertise and unwavering commitment to clients. With a track record of success, Samuel possesses a deep understanding of accidents, liability, and the intricate claims process. As the visionary behind SLGB Law Blog, he imparts exclusive insights, empowering readers with practical tips. Combining his legal acumen with a personable approach, Samuel demystifies complex legal concepts and ensures his audience is well-informed and prepared. His unique blend of professionalism and empathy sets him apart, making Samuel an invaluable resource for individuals seeking trusted guidance in the realm of personal injury law.
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